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When we launched Investigative Resources of Texas back in 1993, the world was a radically different place. 1993 was the year of the botched raid on Waco’s Branch Davidian cult campus resulting in 72 deaths. The first World Trade Center bombing in New York City took place three weeks earlier (to the day).

Since then, the art and science of surveillance has morphed from “interesting topic” to essential tool for investigators, law enforcement officials and the legal system. As a result, surveillance services are one of Investigative Resources of Texas’ biggest niches and if our clients are any indication of its growing popularity, we can expect it to grow.

Our client base consists of insurance companies, corporations and individuals in need of experts in the field of close- and long-range surveillance. We follow client instructions using their guidance and our signature ethical and legal methods to collect solid, reliable and useful intelligence.

Included in our arsenal of surveillance services are real-time monitoring, photography, audio, video plus domestic surveillance. We know the laws, the rules and the protocols of sound, post-surveillance reporting and we understand that our services surpass work undertaken by competitors, many of whom may not abide by the same ethical standards we follow to accomplish this sensitive work in a stealthy, seamless manner.

We have undertaken thousands of surveillance hours for clients across the U.S.–most frequently in these geographic areas:

Texas (Dallas – Fort Worth – Houston – Austin – San Antonio)
Oklahoma (Oklahoma City – Norman – Lawton – Tulsa – Durant)

Want to find out how good we are? Thanks to our growing client list, we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary this year, but new and returning clients get the gifts: a one-time-only, four-hour minimum surveillance special (no hidden fees) within the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. You read that right. Investigative firms rarely offer half-day rates, so it’s to your advantage to take us up on this special while it’s being offered.

Whether you’re an attorney in need of surveillance services, an individual eager to know if a spouse is not forthcoming about his comings and goings or if you’re a boss concerned that an employee could be acting inappropriately (or compromising proprietary secrets), use this half-day special to see if your hunch is correct.

But don’t wait too long to act. Our 4-hour bookings are limited because we’re busy undertaking day- and week-long surveillances. We expect these half-day slots to fill fast. Why put off learning the truth while you can still control the outcome of your unique situation? Think of our anniversary special as your chance to find out, once-and-for-all, whether your suspicions are real or (happily) figments of your imagination.

Dallas: 214-662-1006 | Fort Worth: 817-773-1385 | Houston: 832-260-8389 | North East TX: 903-941-1406 | Austin: 512-636-0242 | San Antonio: 210-381-0587

A-10084 IRT is licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety. 

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