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Financial Fraud

Who You Gonna Call? The Fraud Team, of Course

Financial fraud and theft is big business these days—just ask the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), currently plagued by a shortage of investigators because today’s criminal is both creative and resourceful. If you don’t think that statement is gospel, grab a remote control and catch a few episodes of the TV show, “White Collar.” Unfortunately, the FBI isn’t the only agency straining to meet increased investigative demand: State’s Attorney’s offices are operating at maximum capacity to identify, track down and prosecute theft and fraud.

What’s led to this rise of white collar crime in the U.S.? Greed. Opportunism. Even psychology. Many criminals are willing to risk jail and worse to try to get the better of the government, large and small businesses and consumers—they love the game and want to see how much they can get away with.What constitutes theft or fraud? Here are a few examples:


  • Scammers steal money and/or property from financial accounts; (example: targeted cashier’s check fraud).
  • Thieves use fake documents and falsified credentials to help themselves to other people’s assets.
  • Cyber-pirates hack and phish to find and use credit card numbers, bank accounts and get Social Security access.
  • Anyone from Nigerian “investors” to guys offering cheap household repairs can fit under this umbrella.

If you, your business or your personal life has been impacted by financial fraud or theft, you could throw a pity party or you could hire a team of experts to analyze your situation and come up with a plan that’s designed for your unique circumstances. At Investigative Resources of Texas (IRT), we look upon fraud and theft cases as opportunities to outsmart the people who think they’re geniuses.

We’re resourceful. Creative. And we take risks on behalf of our clients—whether that means inserting ourselves into a scam to get the skinny on the operation or working with law enforcement authorities and the courts to round up these “geniuses” before they do more damage.

Our secret? We’re unlicensed psychologists. We know how criminals think. Our investigators regularly deal with all types of schemes and schemers and we track trends to monitor new ones. And we tend to get as much satisfaction from nailing a guy scamming senior citizens as we do from cases ripped from the headlines, so no matter what your situation may be, we can handle it.

Has a person, organization or institution made your life and/or financial health a living hell? Report it to the FBI or State’s Attorney if you like, but plan to stand in line and wait until an agent can be assigned to your case. Want action now? Contact us and give us the pertinents—particularly if you’re still being compromised by those perpetrating your fraud! Contact me at 817-773-1385 or use the convenient contact link on this website to reach me even faster. You have lots to lose if you wait, yet you risk nothing by calling us now to find out what we can do for you.

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