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Data Recovery – Computer Forensics

IRT: Your Conduit to the Industry’s Most Up-to-Date Forensics Services

It started with Anthony E. Zuiker’s TV series, CSI, the fictional, Las Vegas-based criminal investigative unit using science to solve crimes. It’s been 14 years since the show debuted, though you can still see episodes of the original and spin-offs on cable TV and the web. If you’re a fan, you probably notice that investigative tools and methods have become even more sophisticated since the original show debuted in 2000.

It’s expensive to keep up with the newest forensic equipment and methodology, trends and innovations, but at IRT, we’re all about maintaining our technological edge, so forensic problems brought to us by new and old clients are resolved fast. Our services include the following:

Computer forensics: We sweep devices—servers, laptops, office workstations, home computers—to determine whether they’ve been compromised by illegal, unauthorized and unsanctioned outsiders. Our services include finding hackers and learning what these criminals did to your computer and/or devices.  Who conducts these sweeps? Our Certified Forensic Computer Examiners, members of the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS). Once certified, our professionals are required to stay current. Want to know more about this prestigious organization? Visit www.cops.org.

Data Recovery. Most of us have confronted situations in which we lose data, electronic devises are stolen or damaged or circumstances beyond our control result in the loss of critical electronic information. Give us the opportunity to check out the following and give you an auditing quote to retrieve data you may think is forever lost. Whether your problems are related to floppy disks, thumb drives, CD-ROMs, flash memories, notebook or desktop hard drives, our services are famous for giving clients a peaceful night’s sleep once we’re done!

Business as Usual? IRT is regularly brought in to recover business data drives a company’s survival. We use RAID methodology—a state-of-the-art system capable of analyzing even the oldest storage devices on the planet (think the original, floppy-disc using 1984 Macintosh). RAID originally stood for redundant array of inexpensive disks, but frankly, the word inexpensive pales in comparison to the damage your business could suffer if you don’t have a professional retrieve and upgrade your storage capacity to improve performance, increase storage capacity and provide fault tolerance to take your business into the future.

Diagnostics for Dummies. Your car mechanic uses his computer to figure out why it isn’t performing. At IRT, we offer the same service to clients asking the question, “How come my computer is acting weird?” Our technicians use diagnostic methods to find out whether your problem originates with your system, your server, external devices or a new virus that’s taken up residence. Sure, you can buy over-the-counter software to do the job, but no consumer-based program on the market can hold a candle to our professional diagnostic tools, so apply the price of the software to our services and let the professionals make things right.

Data Extraction and Destruction. What goes up must come down—even on the electronics scene. Once your data is extracted/recovered, we reorganize it into a safe media storage system that’s password protected and accessible only to you. The process can take a few days, but you won’t mind the wait; neither will you mind the day or two it takes to destroy your most sensitive and private data once an electronic device is retired. The last thing you need is for a stranger to get their hands on your intellectual property, so don’t guess when it comes to whether your information has been compromised inadvertently.

Electronic Discovery. Simply stated: we collect digital data for clients and organize it so judges, juries and lawyers understand it in the courtroom. In the past, clients have asked us to retrieve Internet reporting associated with search history, e-mail, IRC, chats, keyword searches and timelines, but we regularly crack passwords, find deleted or hidden files–like incriminating pictures and documents. Electronic discovery regularly turns the tide in the courtroom–you know that if you watch CSI. At IRT, we prove your fact, point or circumstance using cutting-edge discovery methods—even if we have to appear in court to back you up.

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