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Corporate Fraud

Even if you live in Texas, you may not recall the 2001 Enron scandal – an event considered by many to be the corporate crime of the century. The Houston-based company wound up in bankruptcy, bringing down everyone from highly-placed executives to the Arthur Andersen brand. Shareholders lost fortunes and landmark federal legislation–the Sarbanes-Oxley Act—was passed by Congress to prevent this type of situation from happening again.

Your corporate fraud problem may not be this far-reaching, but professionals at Investigative Resource of Texas are prepared to do battle on your behalf, just in case it is. Whether you’re a small business owner or the head of a multi-national corporation, our practices and methods stop corporate fraud from the get-go and then we right your business ship quickly and affordably.

The statistic is sad but true: One in three companies fall victim to corporate fraud; particularly embezzlement. Some cases involve employees with unfettered access to company assets, so trusting employers actually make it easy to be defrauded. Former employees can present a more formidable threat: if they stole proprietary materials before leaving, they’re in an equally strong position to embezzle.

Whether your biggest worry is protecting intellectual property, corporate secrets or swindling cash, it may be hard to put your finger on how to plug the leak you suspect because defrauders tend to work under the radar. One of our clients had no clue an employee was stealing checks from the corporate checkbook until 10 million dollars had vanished. The situation can be worse when cyber fraud is involved.

We can help. We’ve been in the business of thwarting corporate criminal activities since 1973 and began beefing up our educational muscle, team and corporate fraud detection tools around 12 years ago—about the time the Enron case broke. These days, we prioritize corporate fraud cases and have been extremely successful on behalf of clients across the globe.

Won’t you think about putting our resources to work to plumb the depths of your fraud suspicions? We use old-school methods in tandem with cyber-investigations led by our computer forensic team, plumbing the depths of Internet connections to find your leak, your money and the security problem causing the breach. Once we tidy things up, we educate clients so they remain secure and can defend against the potential for future incidents.

Got swindlers? Need to find out whether your information, money or secrets are disappearing? Don’t be a victim—especially not when you can turn to IRT for help putting the genie back into the bottle once and for all. We don’t charge a cent to listen to your problem, so call us at 817-773-1385. Unlike typical investigative firms, we’re willing to listen and we never offer to make good on promises that we can’t keep.

Dallas: 214-662-1006 | Fort Worth: 817-773-1385 | Houston: 832-260-8389 | North East TX: 903-941-1406 | Austin: 512-636-0242 | San Antonio: 210-381-0587

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