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Computer Vulnerability

If your home caught fire, what would you grab first? “My computer” is the most common response to that question. Whether your system is a desktop model, laptop or tablet, its’ vulnerability is one of Investigative Resources of Texas’s biggest client concerns. We protect clients and their computers in the following ways:

We Test: When clients suspect computer-related problems, we immediately run a vulnerability assessment to determine penetration damage. Typical of the tests we undertake to increase network uptime are: All WASC, OWASP Top 10, CVE/NVDB/SANS Top 20 vulnerabilities, including data-in-motion leakages, PCI and ISO27001 compliance-friendly reporting, web application VAPT and network vulnerability.

Tests we run:

  • trojan horse programs
  • back door and remote administration programs
  • Being an intermediary for an attack
  • Dos attack
  • Unptotrcted windows shares
  • laptop virus code
  • (java/javascript/activex) cross site scripting
  • packet sniffing
  • harmfull exe files
  • presence of keylogger programs
  • trojans attached with pictures and video files
  • Presence of bugs and bad sectors on disc
  • Presence of malwares and other tests

We Audit: Our professional team draws up post-test findings and uses this audit to draft the “network solution proposal” we recommend to keep hardware and software in top shape while saving on future deployment costs. Our Security Action Plan Report is easy to understand and provides a prioritized risk response in the form of an executive summary of tasks that eliminate or reduce vulnerability.

We Re-engineer: Our re-engineering services begin when we assess client bandwidth needs. We then recommend bandwidth amounts sufficient for undertaking a client’s computer work. We handle computer network topography and routing, policy re-engineering, load-balancing services and link redundancy concerns. Our services are comprehensive: if your system fails, your network administrator will know about it immediately.

We Offer Life-cycle Services: Network Life-Cycle Services are comprehensive and include competitive market share analyses, vendor profiles and market forecasts for businesses and service providers. Ask about network service strategies for content and application; we rehabilitate hardware and undertake fast software re-installs.

We Deter Cyber threats: To protect against cyber-crime threats, we routinely conduct denial service tests, search for injection attacks, analyze forensic data and probe device integration. Importantly, our malware analysis capabilities are state-of-the-art, contemporary and vitally important to the cyber safety of our clients and their computer systems.

We Stop Crimes: Incriminating evidence is central to our cyber forensics core business. The following list represents typical client-provided material requiring our expert analysis:

  • Anonymous Letters & Emails
  • Audio Tempering Examination
  • Cell Phone Forensics
  • Cyber Forensic, Evidence Recovery
  • Cyber Security, Internet Crimes, Software Piracy
  • Data Duplication, Replication, Cloning
  • Data Recovery
  • Database Examination and Recovery
  • Deleted E-Mail Recovery, Corrupted Data Recovery
  • Deleted File Recovery, Formatted Disk Recovery
  • Digital Evidence Collections
  • Digital Signatures
  • Domain Registration & Protection
  • E-Discovery
  • E-Mail & SMS Crimes
  • E-mail Security, Computer Security, Network Security
  • E-mail Tracking, IP Tracking
  • Hard Disk Imaging, Disk Snap, Forensic Data Collection
  • Hardware Theft Investigation
  • MMS Video Clip Examination & Verification
  • Mobile Phone Data Recovery
  • Mobile SMS / MMS / Call History Recovery, User History
  • Orkut / Face book / Community Crimes
  • Password Protection / Unlocking
  • Searching Specific Keyword or Term in Computer Disks
  • Security Auditing
  • Threatening letters & E-Mails
  • Tracking User Activity on Computer, Computer Forensics
  • Video Tempering Analysis
  • Virus Attack Investigation, Hacking Investigation
  • Voice Alteration Verification
  • Web Security, Cyber Security, Document Security
  • Web Tracking
  • Wrongful Termination from Job / Organization

If you feel vulnerable because you suspect that your computer isn’t as safe from attack as it should be, bring us your most challenging computer dilemma by calling Robert at 817-773-1385 — but make that call before your problem morphs into a catastrophe.

Dallas: 214-662-1006 | Fort Worth: 817-773-1385 | Houston: 832-260-8389 | North East TX: 903-941-1406 | Austin: 512-636-0242 | San Antonio: 210-381-0587

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