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Child Abuse

According to ChildHelp U.S.A. (https://www.childhelp-usa.com/pages/statistics), “Every year more than 3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States involving more than 6 million children.” As a role model for the industrialize world, this nation sets a perpetual poor example: in 2012 alone, more than four children died every day as a result of mistreatment.

These statistics continue to paint a grim portrait as child abuse reports transect every strata of society: rich and poor, educated versus poorly educated and no religion escapes unscathed when reports of child abuse cases are analyzed by law enforcement authorities attempting to figure out ways to lessen the number of cases brought to their attention.

At Investigative Resources of Texas, we are well-versed in the situations, statistics and truths surrounding child abuse cases, and despite our years of training and the number of cases we’ve handled, our staff agrees that of all the niches we investigate, this is the most insidious.

We’re parents. We’ve been privy to horrific details of child abuse incidents via our clients seeking help, our interaction with various police forces, Texas social services and the legal community. This is important work and we take seriously our role in networks that protect children who aren’t being cared for with love.

What can we do to help you find out whether a child you’re concerned about is being mistreated? We can launch an investigation that includes cyber-research into the family in question, contact child abuse professionals to learn about prior incidents related to the child without compromising laws designed to protect the privacy of families and we are connected to a huge network of psychological professionals who help us separate fact from fiction every time we are hired to investigate child abuse allegations.

Typical cases in which we’ve been involved include:

  • Alleged sexual misconduct by parents,
  • Possible cases of inappropriate teacher-student relationships,
  • Custodial parent suspicions that a child is being abused during time spent with an ex-,
  • Worries related to paid caregivers (nanny, day care centers and home care providers),
  • Allegations of misconduct by clergy.

Every case is unique, so if you suspect something that falls outside the realm of these categories, don’t think you’re imagining things, dismiss the nagging thoughts in your mind or doubt yourself. Your worst fears could bear fruit. Don’t be the person who thought about looking into a suspicious situation, only to learn that a child is seriously hurt or dead as a direct result of your unwillingness to take action.

It’s a record we would like to stop keeping forever: IRT investigates an average of 25 child abuse cases every year and we like to think that we’ve saved lives. Share your suspicions by calling Robert directly at 817-773-1385 to discuss your concerns. It’s a win-win situation when you stand up and advocate on behalf of a child incapable of standing up for himself. At IRT, we’ll partner with you every step of the way.

Dallas: 214-662-1006 | Fort Worth: 817-773-1385 | Houston: 832-260-8389 | North East TX: 903-941-1406 | Austin: 512-636-0242 | San Antonio: 210-381-0587

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