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I am taking a moment to write about something so near and dear to my heart about the use of proper background check or pre-employment checks.   My company processes pre-employment background checks for industries such as Healthcare, Financial and General Pre-employment needs.   With this being said,  a great number of companies bend on the cheapside and “do it themselves” to save money and that is all very respectable but getting a “clean background check in this day and age of false documents being sold on the internet can lead you into a world of issues with Immigration and  and other nasty government agencies.

Today I received an application of employment for a male candidate named Dmitry Hernandez, now I would expect most of you to laugh and say “give me a break” and yes I would tend to laugh right along with you.  But the fact remains that in a market of more persons than job anything is possible.  If you are a larger employer and you get in upwards of twenty to fifty applicants per day these little details might be overlooked.   If you were to run his information that he provided in any number of databases that are made available to Human Resource Managers the applicant information will come up as a real person with a real date of birth and a real address.

Where this goes wrong is that there are systems which are restricted to companies like mine with the proper state and federal licensing to compare this information to systems within the federal government.  When the social security number had not been issued by the social security administration and the only address on file was listed within the government system in the last thirty days and the date of birth is not complete and there are no family members listed in this persons profile with the federal government, you have a real problem on your hands.

Once your company spends the time and money to paperwork this candidate and train him and do all the things necessary to hire someone and then all of a sudden thirty days later you get a call from the good ol federal government that you have employed a person using false documentation to gain employment, you have an HR nightmare on your hands.   And this was all done in the interest of saving ten to twelve dollars.

Personally I wanted to call the candidate and say ” Dasvidaniya Amigo” we have a problem with your government issued documentation.   But the laws are where they are at.  I am thankful that I saved my client from the would be headache of dealing with INS, ICE and many other problems.   In closing, we live in a day and age where you can be deceived very easily and your “consumer based” background database does not pick up on these little details that are so important to us in the vast world of properly qualified background check screening.

What you may not realize is that a qualified background screening is not as expensive as you think they are.  We do these in large quantities and do not pass the high prices on to our customers.  If you are in a situation that you think your database may not be “qualified ” to give you the real deal, drop me a line I am always happy to chat with you.