Child Support

Few topics are as controversial as child support. The reason? It’s an emotional landmine. Whether one parent makes more money than the other or incomes are equitable, contention seems to be the name of the game and if your situation is like the typical cases we handle at Investigative Resources of Texas, civility likely flies out the window the moment the subject of money arises.

We have handled some of the most contentious child support cases imaginable—a few have even resulted in child-recovery when a non-custodial parent gets so angry over money, they resort to kidnapping. If we were Dr. Phil, we’d put every family back together and not charge a thing, but we live in the real world. People who once loved each other no longer do and the anger, frustration, disappointment and shame accompanying a failed marriage can lead to a line in the sand being drawn when the topic of child support arises.

Are you troubled by your child support situation? Do you believe that your child’s other parent is not being forthcoming about his or her assets? Have you taken the easy road and let your support payments lapse because trying to get justice became too difficult? Are you sick and tired of parting with cash that’s not being spent on the kids? Relax. Give IRT the opportunity to help you get what you deserve: peace of mind.

We’re child support mediation specialists who venture beyond the standard “phone calls and letters” inexperienced folks use when they’re either lazy or unaware of the newest tactics and methods currently available to settle child support matters. We’re an investigative agency, not a collection agency. Too often, distressed parents can’t tell the difference and hire people who know very little about the legalities surrounding child custodial issues and equitable support payments.

Contract with IRT and there’s no chance you’ll be working with amateurs. We’ve worked child support cases for 20 years and expect to continue down that road for another 20, regularly using signature skills and methods that include investigative surveillance, cyber-searches, research analyses and good, old-fashioned leg work.

We find assets. We find kids. We dig up data that’s vital to winning support battles and once we locate hidden dollars, real estate, jewelry, cars, art work and investments, we move on to the next step by helping clients through the process of getting judgments, court orders and understanding the legalities necessary to solve child support issues.

Your child needs a parent—not an angry, anxious, stressed-out person reeling from either having to pay too much support or being a victim when court-sanctioned agreements aren’t honored by the other parent. You owe it to yourself–and to your child(ren)–to call us at 214-662-1006 Dallas or 817-773-1385 Fort Worth so we can, once and for all, stop the child support merry-go-round, get you off your horse and help you to get on with your life.

Investigative Resources of Texas is a BBB Accredited Investigator in Dallas, TX



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