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ORM Services – Online Reputation Management

You know the names: Google, Yahoo, Bing. These iconic search engines drive most of the traffic speeding through cyberspace, but no good deed goes unpunished: Search engines that help surfers dig up information to solve problems, get places, research topics and provide critical data have also become conduits of negativity, lies and slander. For example, smear campaigns designed by individuals and companies seeking to ruin the reputations of others continue to pop up, and just about everyone is fair game these days.

HAVE YOU BECOME THE OBJECT OF SUCH A SMEAR CAMPAIGN? Is your image being threatened—has your reputation been tarnished because misinformation is spreading faster than you can identify the people putting it out there? Don’t just sit there. Act. Assess the following questions to evaluate the depth of your problem so you can fix it rather than lose sleep over a situation that many people have experienced and survived:

Are you having issues with squatted user names and domains?

Is false information that reflects badly on your name, brand or company circulating around the Internet?

Have you been the target in a fake profile scheme?

Are you plagued by potential trademark, copyright, registration and patent attacks?

Have you been the object of baseless, negative news coverage, despite having done nothing to warrant it?

Are hate sites targeting you and putting you at risk?

Have corporate or personal web-originated scandals impacted your life; your business; your reputation?

Are you fed up and ready to take action? Keep reading.

WHAT YOU CAN DO TO START TURNING THINGS AROUND. Forget putting Band-Aids on situations like this; you need a cure. Time to bring out the big guns. We recommend taking the following Five “S-steps” to begin the process of rehabilitating your image:

SCOUR blogs, websites and internet entities and remove all negative and suspect stories, photos and comments.

SANCTION only people you approve for permission to visit and comment via accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

SHORE up your reputation by publishing positive, helpful, reputation-building content wherever possible.

SOLICIT positive opinions, editorials, and endorsements about yourself from others to help repair your image.

SATISFY questions about negative comments and posts by acknowledging them to show you’ve nothing to hide.

WHEN YOU NEED ADDITIONAL HELP, TURN TO US. At Investigative Resources of Texas we’re serious about turning around reputations of people who, through no fault of their own, wind up maligned by nameless, faceless enemies eager to ruin people’s reputations in the eyes of customers, business partners, shareholders, stockholders, employees, colleagues and outside influences. Here’s how we can help…

  1. We identify the sources of negative communications
  2. Investigate the roots of misinformation to ascertain whether any of this chatter is true
  3. Provide you with hard facts to refute negative chatter
  4. Use external blogs to shore up your reputation and correct misinformation
  5. Confront people issuing complaints and work on your behalf to mediate their grievances
  6. Optimize current and future electronic content to prevent a repeat of these situations
  7. Monitor communications and transmissions to catch negative data on the fly and save your online reputation.

Your phone call starts the reputation-healing process. Find out what it’s like to enjoy a solid presence on the web without fear of the negative comments that can impact your life!

Dallas: 214-662-1006 | Fort Worth: 817-773-1385 | Houston: 832-260-8389 | North East TX: 903-941-1406 | Austin: 512-636-0242 | San Antonio: 210-381-0587

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