The numbers are startling: Compute the number of cybercrimes being perpetrated in the U.S. Add 50-percent to that total and you’ll understand how dramatic international cybercrime rates have become. The cause? Criminals aren’t stupid; some have college educations and advanced degrees. Cutting-edge technology provides the tools necessary to steal credit card, social security and bank account numbers, each a portal to your finances.

Have you become the victim of an international crime ring, syndicate or one clever individual who has run your credit into the ground? We feel your pain. Counting the number of people who haven’t fallen victim to international scammers would be easier than identifying the millions of people who have joined this not-so-exclusive club. Some characters are so clever, they conduct business under the radar without leaving a trace.

Contemporary scams are personal and creative: an appeal from a Mumbai flooding victim or a Malta official seeking your bank account number to transfer a huge inheritance to you. We’ve seen ‘em all, which is why Investigative Resources of Texas has the ability to research all types of situations and let clients know whether there’s a chance their situations can be remedied. Our international contact list is comprehensive.

Do you want to stop feeling frustrated and learn whether your assets, dignity and power can be recovered? Would you like to regain the control you enjoyed before being victimized? We stand ready to help you recover your name, reputation and credit and we can do it with the help of friends in high places around the world.

But, perhaps your problem is more complicated than identity theft. Need to ship products to Sri Lanka without wondering if they arrive? Are you looking for someone who has fled the U.S. with your money? Perhaps you want to make sure a Brazil charity is on the up and up or you want to regain custody of a child abducted by a non-custodial spouse who has fled abroad. We can—and have—handled these types of cases and more.

Most of our international work is conducted using the Internet and telecommunications, but we travel overseas on occasion to track down perpetrators and bring them to justice with the assistance of local authorities. We’re proud to say that IRT has successfully investigated and prosecuted cases in partnership with Interpol, the world-famous international police agency.

From clearing your name to clearing your credit, count on Investigative Resources of Texas to speak the international languages of security and cyber-crime solution. Whether your unique problem requires a simple phone call or a relationship with local law enforcement officials in a distant land, we can help. Call 214-662-1006 Dallas or 817-773-1385 Fort Worth now to start the process of re-claiming your life.

Investigative Resources of Texas is a BBB Accredited Investigator in Dallas, TX



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